Christian Peter Niklis - ChrisPy

My vita

I was born in Munich in 1965. In 1978 our family (including my sister) moved to Darmstadt. There I finished school, professional education and university. Since the end of 1993 I am back in Munich.


My family

In 1995 I married my first wife. In 1996 our daughter was born, in 2002 our son followed her. In 2006 me and my wife separated and became divorced in 2008. In 2015 I married my today´s wife.


My profession

I studied mechanical engineering. Currently I am working as a head of R&D-department.


My hobbies

I am interested in many different things, I love versatility. It is like greek salad - it becomes better the more different things you attach to it.


My motto

If the day was not my friend so he was my teacher!

Christian Peter Niklis ChrisPy
Christian Peter Niklis

About ChrisPy

ChrisPy is a pseudonym, consisting of the initials of my first names Christian Peter.

It is similar to the adjective "crispy", no pun intended. Really!