The unusual art gallery

Colours and shapes as an expression of personality

Lindenholz, Schnitzen, Schnitzmeißel, Klöpfel, Herz

Being creative is a way to express my personality. Each sculpture, each picture and also each word that comes from me speaks about my inner truth and shows all my heart and soul.
My pieces of art are not only a sign of passion, but also of the developing process that I go through. When I am successful today where I failed yesterday, then I know that I made one step forward again.

I try to find the art form that fits best to me. I started with a simple pencil and a very realistic portray, but today I can also create abstract paintings.
Working with wood, metal or stone is also very fascinating. Each material is behaving differently, gives individual limits or challenges.

I hope you will enjoy the tour through the unusual art gallery by ChrisPy!

Christian Peter Niklis, ChrisPy

ChrisPy und das CP-Zeichen sind eingetragene Marken von Christian Peter Niklis

Bild von aalmeidah auf Pixabay, Pixabay-Logo